I was born and raised in New York City. And, although I enjoyed a privileged childhood in many ways, I experienced trauma and began therapy when I was five years old. Like many of us, I buried my pain and ignored it as an adult while traveling the world working in finance. But eventually my emotions caught up to me and I burned out. Since then, I’ve been on a journey of psychological and spiritual growth, building on the knowledge I’d begun acquiring in my youth.


As I’ve healed, I have gained the confidence to show up more authentically in my work. One of the major ways I’ve done this is by embracing my emotional intelligence and creativity as core strengths instead of solely emphasizing my analytical capabilities. The shift in my work identity towards full, balanced expression began when I left investment banking and moved to Paris for photography school. And, it matured as I built my own businesses and ultimately became a coach.

Clients repeatedly tell me that the hybrid I offer of hardcore business strategy and deep personal growth is unusual and is what sets me apart as a coach. My fifteen years of executive and entrepreneurial experience also differentiates me because I advise from firsthand experience in business and my own personal career changes.

My life is rich and joyful. I live in a Brooklyn brownstone with my rescue Bulldog, Annabel, and my days are happy, serene, and deeply aligned with my values and my authentic self. My career is the stuff of personal expansion and I derive immense fulfillment from teaching others how to also live this way. I am so grateful to my clients for allowing me to be a part of their journeys and I can’t wait to meet and support you next.