Are you anxious about where your career is (or is not) heading?

Are you feeling stuck or frustrated?

Do you have many different ideas for how you might architect a path forward but struggle to choose one and soon become overwhelmed and even more frustrated?

Is it more excruciating every day to live your life feeling trapped in work that simply does not fit you (anymore)?

Do you blame yourself for being in this situation and kind of pity yourself for needing to ask for help?

Does reading this kind of… make you want to cry?

Welcome, you’re in the right place!


Ironically, you’re probably in this situation because of your commitment to greatness. [Umm, what?!] I know, it may be hard to believe and seem twisted and unfair! But it’s true. You are likely more dedicated than most to the pursuit of success. And it’s likely that you’re particularly resilient, digging your heels in and giving it your all to avoid failure or loss.

While first world societies typically idolize this type of defiant determination and resilience, few of us realize that it is in fact a manifestation of the ego that can become very dangerous if unchecked.

Our ego is the part of us that believes we are better or less than others. And, as long as we approach our reality from the perspective of needing to overcome any given challenge, we will always be focused on what we lack rather than what we are blessed to possess. This paradigm of focusing on what we do not have is known as scarcity and it is the reason you’re struggling right now.

Your ego (and we all have an ego, so there is no judgment!) makes you feel unworthy and lacking unless you achieve some external goal. Yet, as long as you define your worthiness by your external achievements (a great job, big team, prestigious company, lots of money, etc), you’ll never satisfy your hunger for worthiness and will continue to sacrifice your dreams for external recognition. It’s a very ugly, vicious spiral.

But fear not, young Jedi!


I’ll teach you how to catch your ego in action, which is important because when you take on the role of observer, it becomes easier to separate yourself from your habits and then take steps to change them.

Instead of dwelling on your weaknesses, I’ll help you anchor into your strengths.

With deep reverence for your uniqueness, I’ll guide you in answering the big, profound questions, like:

  • who are you?

  • who are you becoming?

  • which paths will allow you to expand into the greatest possible version of yourself?

  • what’s holding you back from becoming this extraordinary version of yourself?

  • how can you overcome your fears to live the life of your dreams?

And then, with crystal clarity, we begin working to bring your dreams to life.


  • “Holy shit!” is a common refrain amongst my clients.

  • My clients have achieved outcomes including:

    • Landing a book deal with Simon & Schuster within days of deciding to go “all in” on a dream business

    • Finally leaving the finance industry to launch a startup

    • Quitting partnership at a toxic corporate law firm, joining an NGO, and moving to the countryside where she regained joy and balance in her life

    • Closing down her startup because it was no longer joyful and getting paid to travel the world instead as a flight attendant while contemplating her next business idea

  • Clients usually experience exciting outcomes in other areas of their lives, as well, such as in their relationships, finances, living situations, and more. Click here for testimonials from clients whose lives have transformed radically with my guidance.


Great! Check out the FAQ page to start off. Then, direct any further questions to me via the contact form or submit your coaching application to get the ball rolling and I’ll reach out to you to set up some time to chat. Let’s do this!