You're a high achiever who's accustomed to making big things happen on a tight timeframe. And so, you're probably here checking out this website as part of your plan to expediently figure out your new career path and whip up a spiffy strategy to get there.



As you dig for answers, you will begin to realize that career change is an existential challenge demanding a journey of personal discovery. That is, while it's important to learn your transferable skills and devise a strategy for conveying them in your resume, the real, crucial work entails gaining an understanding of who you truly are and what you want out of your life. Only from that place of deep self knowledge and conviction can you successfully direct yourself into a fulfilling career.

Further, it's possible that you may put in the time, effort, and energy required to get clear on your direction yet fail to actually execute the changes you want to make in your career. This is because powerful mental and emotional blocks can sabotage our best efforts. Overcoming these blocks is an imperative part of the career change process.



When undertaken on one's one, this deep work can be very challenging. It's often difficult to see our own blind spots and we can become demoralized when trying in vain to hold ourselves accountable to the improvements we want so badly for ourselves.

But, when this journey is made alongside an experienced, encouraging coach, the results can be profoundly, wonderfully life changing. 



Our coaching work together will be a guided, methodical deep dive into YOU through the lenses of psychology, spirituality, and strategy.

We start by taking a detailed inventory of your life with special attention given to your psychological landscape and uncovering the mindset blocks standing between you and true fulfillment. We will draw on a broad, holistic range of methods and tools tailored specifically to your needs, including guided meditations, behavioral exercises, books, creative thinking, affirmations, and more. The coaching relationship is intimate and nurturing, and our time together provides a safe space for you to explore yourself and your emotions, becoming confident about how you want to grow and evolve. 

In tandem, you'll be guided through carefully crafted exercises, tests, homework, and analyses which will draw on logic and your intuition to produce incisive insights about you. We will examine your strengths, values. and passions at a very deep level and generate ranked career options for you. Our first milestone will be a list of your top five opportunities and clarity on your direction. Your relief will be palpable.  



Knowing where you're heading is GREAT. But it's also the point at which many people fall off the career change wagon, balking at the idea of taking action towards their dreams. As your coach, my role at this time is to outline a clear, digestible action strategy that allows you to successfully advance, step by step. The mindset exercises you've been practicing will provide you with heightened ease and confidence. I will cheer you on and give you guidance. Your trepidation will convert into electric excitement as you start experiencing wins.

We will "brand" you and then roll out your new visual identity and messaging across your marketing materials, including a sparkling new resume, LinkedIn profile, and a 1-page website. You will learn how to create opportunities for yourself using landscape analysis, definition of key "target" employers/ individuals, and effective networking. I will help you to successfully negotiate and close the deal - or- if you've decided on an entrepreneurial venture, I will help you to get it off the ground. Finally, we will toast your success and you will embark on your promising future.

Exciting, right?!

When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion, by pure love that needs expressing, then we truly live.
— Greg Anderson
I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart. I am. I am. I am.
— Sylvia Plath