I work with white-collar professional men and women in their 40s (and also in their 30s and 50s) who often have a global profile (they have lived abroad as an ex-pat, are married to someone from a different country, are multilingual, etc). They are whip-smart, growth-oriented, like a good challenge, and are hard-working. So they’ve had successful executive careers to date, often in finance, consulting, and marketing. But the fun and joyful curiosity that normally intrigues them in their work has dried up and so they are finding it really hard to engage. This leads to depression (“is this really all life has to offer?!”) and very often anxiety (“I can’t seem to get on top of this job situation but my fuse is burning really quickly, which adds to my sense of urgency and makes me feel even more powerless.”) They like to be in control and are often perfectionist, which serves them in their work because they deliver to a very high standard. But their exacting nature is now getting in their way because they can’t figure out “the right” solution to their career issue, so they freeze like a deer in headlights while the Excel spreadsheet of their brain spins out of control in a circular reference. They definitely don’t want anyone to know what’s happening inside their head because they want to avoid judgment at all costs! And, so they hire me as their coach because they:

  1. know I won’t ever judge them,

  2. know I understand their situation and can handle it all (business and psyche) under one roof,

  3. feel confident trusting me to lead them, which doesn’t come easily because they are normally very self-sufficient and independent, and

  4. have a knowing intuition that I am the coach for them and thus make a confident, expedient decision to work together


Coaching with me is immensely powerful and one of the most valuable investments you may ever make in your lifetime. The premium price of coaching reflects the outstanding value you will receive and is intentional because I want you to be '“all in” when you initiate this relationship with me. Right now I only offer tailored 1-on-1 coaching to a limited number of clients in packages that begin at $10,000. Any of my clients will tell you that coaching with me is worth every penny and more.


We develop two equally important pillars: strategy and mindset. These disciplines dovetail beautifully, creating a powerful foundation for your success. Our strategy work brings you clarity on what you want for yourself while our mindset work empowers you to overcome your blocks and actually make the changes you seek.


We determine your career direction and build your confidence by diving deeply into a rigorous analysis of you. We use a proprietary framework that I developed using my investment banking and strategy consulting knowledge as well as my personal experience with career change and what I have found works best. There are four broad steps we take to arrive at clarity:

  • Data Gathering: we begin by gathering data on your strengths, transferable skills, passions, and values using a range of personality tests and exercises that involve personal reflection and incorporate input from those who know you well.

  • Distillation:We analyze the data and distill it into salient insights. The output is a 1-page “map” of who you are and what you want which we use to generate career ideas that fit you and align with your goals.

  • Ideation: You create career ideas by combining your strengths, transferable skills, and passions into a list of different options. The result is a long list that edits down to an ample number of viable options.

  • Ranking: We use a proprietary formula to calculate an opportunity score for each career idea based on what is most important to you. We sort the list by score and use the analysis as the basis for our conversations about which road to pursue.

Once you have achieved clarity on your path forward, I will help you create your new reality. For job seekers, this involves recasting your story so that your background makes sense in the context of your new direction (creating an elevator pitch, totally overhauling your resume and LinkedIn profile, and building a 1-page website for you complete with a visual identity that supports your new brand) and hunting down and negotiating terms for your new job. For clients who decide to build a business, I will walk you through the nuts and bolts of what you need to do to get it off the ground, help you develop a viable business model, and work with you to develop a marketing strategy to support ongoing growth.


We begin our mindset work by reviewing your life and giving special attention to your childhood, including any trauma you may have experienced. This is because many of our mental barriers to success are tied to patterns we developed during childhood, and when we become aware of them we can begin to release them.

Exploration of the ego is one component of our mindset work. The ego is the part of us that believes we are better or less than others. If unchecked, it editorializes our lives from a place of judgment and insecurity and drives us to pursue goals borne of fear, which are ultimately ungratifying. I will teach you how to quiet your ego and to instead choose loving thoughts, which allow you to experience calm and pursue what really matters to you.

The concept of Oneness underpins all our work. Everything in the universe is made of the same energetic matter and so really, we are just a small component of a single symphonic swell of energy. When we can relax into this knowing, we see that we are all the same, all equally beautiful and valuable, and we can enjoy gratitude and fulfillment intrinsically instead of mistakenly believing that we can source it externally (through a relationship, a prestigious job, etc. etc.). Oneness is key for career change because it is only from this mental space of “being good enough just as we are” that we can let go of pursuing the work we think we should be doing and instead pursue what will genuinely bring us joy.

In our mindset work, we will draw on a variety of disciplines with emphasis on psychology, self-awareness, and philosophy. Modalities may include: trauma healing incl. parts work, somatic therapies, mindfulness, meditation, breath work, chanting/ mantra development, affirmations, Buddhism/ Hinduism, Loving Kindness, Law of Attraction/ Abundance philosophy, Stoicism, 12-step foundations, energy healing incl. chakra work and Traditional Chinese Medicine, yoga incl. asana, philosophy, and Nidra, and Ayurveda.


Our strategy work will bring you clarity on your goals while the mindset exercises you've been practicing will provide you with heightened ease and confidence. As your coach, my role is to support you in advancing successfully, step by step. Your trepidation will convert into electric excitement as you start experiencing wins. I will cheer you on and give you guidance. Your dreams will be coming true.

Soon you will come to the serene understanding that this flow you are experiencing is life itself. And, that you can easily achieve everything your heart desires by simply allowing it to flow through you.


I’m based in Brooklyn, New York and work from my home office. If you are based in New York, we will ideally meet in person for our first session- either in Brooklyn or Manhattan- and then transition over to video calls via the Zoom platform (even if we are based in the same city most clients prefer the convenience of video) and we will collaborate via Google Docs for the strategy component of our work. If you are based elsewhere (many of my clients are located outside NYC or outside the US) our coaching relationship will take place entirely over Zoom and Google Docs.


Anywhere from 3 months to a year or more, depending on your needs and goals. Many clients engage me to find clarity and move into their next career phase and then re-engage me at various points later on to help them level up.


Awesome, I’d love to answer them! Please shoot me a note using the contact form or submit your application, on receipt of which I’ll email you to set up a time for us to chat.