In our coaching work, we develop two important pillars: strategy and mindset. These disciplines dovetail beautifully, creating a powerful foundation for your success. Our strategy work brings clarity on your direction while our mindset work empowers you to overcome blocks so as to execute on the changes you want to make.


We determine your career direction and build your confidence by diving deeply into a rigorous analysis of you using a proprietary framework. There are four broad steps we take to arrive at clarity:

  • Data Gathering: we begin by gathering data on your strengths, transferable skills, passions, and values using a range of personality tests and exercises that involve personal reflection and incorporate input from those who know you well.

  • Distillation:We analyze the data and distill it into salient insights. The output is a 1-page “map” of who you are and what you want which we use to generate career ideas that fit you and align with your goals.

  • Ideation: You create career ideas by combining your strengths, transferable skills, and passions into a list of different options. The result is a long list that edits down to an ample number of viable options.

  • Ranking: We use a proprietary formula to calculate an opportunity score for each career idea based on what is most important to you. We sort the list by score and use the analysis as the basis for our conversations about which road to pursue.

Once you have achieved clarity on your path forward, I will help you create your new reality. For job seekers, this involves recasting your story so that your background makes sense in the context of your new direction (creating an elevator pitch, totally overhauling your resume and LinkedIn profile, and building a 1-page website for you complete with a visual identity that supports your new brand) as well as job hunting and contract negotiation. For clients who decide to build a business, I walk you through the nuts and bolts of what you need to do to get it off the ground, help you develop a viable business model, and work with you to develop a growth strategy.


High-achieving executives often hold themselves to exacting standards. But while the pursuit of greatness generates positive results in the workplace, it can also create personal burnout. Many of the leaders I work with have a “perfectionist mindset,” which is often marked by anxiety and/ or depression. Transition periods, such as career change, can be especially challenging because there is commonly some stagnation and the goal posts are unclear.

In our coaching work, we will examine your current mindset so that you can begin to see the patterns holding you back. You will develop the capacity to take on the role of observer, thus separating yourself from your habits and empowering yourself to change them. Quickly, your frustrations will give way to “ah-ha” moments and a sense of clarity and lightness. In tandem, I’ll help you anchor into your strengths, which will build your confidence and get you into the right headspace to make strides. This mindset work is the “secret sauce” that catapults you towards your dreams.