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When I brought Avery on to be my coach, I was at a standstill in my career. I wasn’t progressing, setting goals, or achieving tasks that contributed to my long-term plans. Avery changed all of this. She breathed new life and energy into me and my planning for the future. She helped me identify new strengths, fine-tune my message, determine where to head next, and set a plan of action on how to get there. Avery is first and foremost compassionate about her clients’ feelings and situations and helps them get out of ruts to kick into action. She’s a fantastic project manager and her accountability was key to my success in taking risks and pushing forward through the not so pleasant tasks like networking, emailing strangers, updating my personal brand (resume, cover letter, website), and more.



Avery is full of energy and life, and has a way of pulling your most positive and driven energy out of you. She has introduced me to ideas I would never have discovered without her guidance and genuine care. And that is probably the most important and appealing aspect of working with Avery - she genuinely cares. She will give you everything she has to help you achieve what you are looking to achieve. I have a greater understanding of myself now than at any other point in my life. She will help you identify the issues holding you back, help you break through them, and move on to the greatest version of yourself possible.



"I trust you. In our very first session you told me to quit a part time job that I hated. Everyone else was telling me to keep it because it looked good on my resume. You were unapologetic about telling me what you thought and how you felt I was losing sight of what I needed. You were right and I knew right then that I wanted to work with you more. I told my sister about you the other day. I said, you tend to be more on the woo-woo side of things than I am and that as a scientist, I really didn't trust OR appreciate all the personality tests....[but] then I saw how they were accurate. I also saw how your method works. You challenged me to step outside my comfort zone and try trusting the process, which I needed. Now, I reference some of those results and see them play out in my life. I feel more thoughtful and trusting (in the universe). Plus, I find myself quoting you to others. You are really good at this job. Thank you."



I woke up one morning and realised I needed to make a significant change to my career. In a way, I had outgrown the nature of the work I was doing and I wanted to contribute more to my life, my family, and the greater world. In working with Avery, I quickly developed a fire within me that unlocked and propelled my passions, desires, and skills. I am now working towards my new entrepreneurial project that aligns with all my core values. Avery is honest, reliable and focused. As I move into the next phase of launching my project, I know that Avery’s coaching will continue to be of great assistance.



Avery helped me figure out a course to plot for my career goals. She worked with me to develop an inventory of my personal strengths, which gave me a great deal of personal insight into what my best talents and skills are. We then broke down my personal passions and values to design career profiles that would fit me. Going through this process gave me for the first time in years an idea of where I want to go for my next career move. What's more, I now feel I know myself better, including my greatest strengths and what fuels my passions.  I can't speak highly enough of Avery during this process. She is quite possibly one of the most relentlessly positive people I have ever worked with. She truly came to every discussion with a passion for helping me succeed, and helped me to get new and unique perspectives along my personal journey. She always took time to work through my sessions with me (even when things went over our meeting time) and really cared about me making progress each week. Our work was really great in helping me gain an understanding of what I want from a career and from life. I would strongly recommend Avery to anyone who is stuck on their career journey and needs some help. 



Avery is a supportive coach who taps into emotions from the past and how they relate to a person's values and career goals. I was in a career that I fell into without much thought or analysis. Avery gave me the tools and guidance to analyze my skills and pinpoint the jobs that align those skills with my passions. 



Avery is a clear, grounded, and focused coach who can see straight through to the core of a situation. She's a master at sharing concepts and outlining steps... {and} she's got a warmth and generosity that only someone with her heart of gold can possess.