I’m Avery, a career change coach.

With my help, you will learn to embrace your authentic self and move into work that aligns with who you really are.


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The transformation I made with Avery is hard to sum up in a quote but let's say the headline is: “it was life-changing.” I used to be a frustrated freelance advertising strategist fed up with the toxic environment. I needed a way out that was feasible and created joy. Avery unpacked all my bad habits and worked with me to overcome them. She also helped me get comfortable leaning into my skills as an idea generator. With her help, I co-founded a branding and marketing company for mission-driven startups, launched my product supporting moms of kids with special needs, and got a book deal to tell my son's story focused on dyslexia and giving moms a voice. I could have never done this without Avery. She has this amazing mix of pushing, teaching, and healing that I had never before experienced. She is worth every penny of investment as I have been paid back in spades through all my ventures. I highly recommend this goddess to anyone in need of change looking for an amazing partner to support them along the way.


When I met Avery, I was a burned out corporate lawyer, near tears daily, and in need of a reboot. I was looking for a coach who was not going to let me get away with anything; someone who was going to hold me accountable and make me look hard at what was holding me back and what would be a better fit for me. Avery and I hit it off immediately. She has a good sense off the bat for what people need from her and where their weak spots are. She is not afraid to say the hard things that people need to hear. She was excited about my progress and it showed.... I felt supported, energized, and relieved after every session and those feelings lingered, particularly as I engaged in my homework. I did not expect to feel differently so soon. I thought I would be miserable until I was working in a new field. Instead, the idea that I was getting the help I needed and seeing progress and a light at the end of the tunnel gave me a more quiet mind and a great deal of peace. I’ve now successfully transitioned into a role as in-house legal counsel for a non profit that is close to my heart. I could not be happier with the changes I’ve made with Avery’s support.


The first step in our process is for you to submit a short application. This helps me ascertain whether we may be a fit for coaching and prepares me for our introductory session, which is complimentary.


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