Just as we each have a right and left brain that work together to make us whole, so too will our coaching process be structured around two equally important pillars: strategy and mindset.  These two very different disciplines dovetail beautifully, creating a powerful foundation for your success. Our strategy work brings you clarity on what you want for yourself while our mindset work empowers you to overcome your blocks and actually make the changes you seek.

To achieve fulfillment, you must first understand and accept yourself.
— Avery Roth


We determine your career direction and build your confidence by diving deeply into a rigorous analysis of you. We use a proprietary framework that I developed based on my experience as an investment banker and strategy consultant as well as my personal experience with career change and what I have found works best.

There are four broad steps we take to arrive at clarity:

Data Gathering

We begin by gathering data on your strengths, transferable skills, passions, and values using a range of personality tests and exercises that involve personal reflection and incorporate input from those who know you well. We build out a detailed Google-spreadsheet and collaborate on it remotely using cloud technology.


I then work with you to analyze the data and distill it into salient nuggets. The output is a 1-page “map” of who you are and what you want, including the types of skills you want to utilize to best achieve flow, your preferred work environment, your financial goals, and everything else that’s important to you.


You brainstorm (by yourself, with a few people who know you well, and with me) for career ideas by combining your various strengths, transferable skills, and passions into a list of different options. Some of these ideas will be “out there” and others will be more '“realistic”; the aim during this phase of our work is to open your mind as much as possible so as to stimulate creative expression, the result of which is a long list that edits down to an ample number of viable options.


The final step is for us to rank the career ideas you came up with. We do this using a proprietary formula that calculates a weighted opportunity score for each career idea based on what is most important to you. When we sort the list by score, voila!, you can see which career ideas excite you the most. We’ll use this ranking exercise as the basis for our conversations about which road to pursue and for setting specific goals for you to start you on your way.

Beyond Clarity- Many clients also want help executing their career change. This involves recasting your story so that your background makes sense in the context of your new direction. To accomplish this, we create an elevator pitch for you, totally overhaul your resume and LinkedIn profile, and build a 1-page website for you complete with a visual identity that supports your new brand. Beyond the rebrand, I also teach you how to approach and execute your job hunt, supporting you all the way through the negotiation of your contract or, in the case of budding entrepreneurs, helping you get your business off the ground.




We begin our mindset work by reviewing your life and giving special attention to your childhood, including any traumas you may have experienced. This is because many of our mental barriers to success are tied to patterns we developed during childhood, and when we become aware of them we can begin to release them.

Exploration of the ego is another component of our mindset work. The ego is the part of us that believes we are better or less than others. If unchecked, it editorializes our lives from a place of judgment and insecurity and drives us to pursue goals borne of fear, which are ultimately not gratifying. I will teach you how to quiet your ego and instead choose loving thoughts, which allow you to experience calm and pursue what really matters to you.

The concept of Oneness underpins all our work: we are all made of the same energetic matter and therefore you are me, I am you, and we are all part of the wider Universe, thus we are the universe and “we are one.” Oneness is the antidote to the hierarchical ego, because it entirely negates the concept of hierarchy! When we can relax into the knowing that we are all equal and equally valuable, we can enjoy gratitude and fulfillment right now inside of us instead of seeking it externally (through a relationship, a prestigious job, etc. etc.). Oneness is key for career change because it is only from this mental space of “being good enough just as we are” that we can let go of pursuing the jobs we think we should be doing and instead pursue what will genuinely bring us joy. As your understanding of Oneness develops, your appreciation of life will deepen dramatically and you will begin to see dream career and life opportunities appear everywhere.

In our mindset work, we will draw on a broad and holistic range of disciplines, including:


  • Trauma healing incl. parts work

  • Somatic therapies

  • 12- step foundations


  • Self-awareness practices incl. Mindfulness

  • Meditation

  • Breath work

  • Chanting/ mantra development

  • Affirmations


  • Buddhism/ Hinduism

  • Loving Kindness

  • Law of Attraction/ Abundance philosophy

  • Stoicism

Eastern Medicine

  • Energy healing incl. chakra work and Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Yoga incl. asana, philosophy, and nidra

  • Ayurveda



As your coach, my role is to support you in advancing successfully, step by step. Our strategy work will bring you clarity on your goals while the mindset exercises you've been practicing will provide you with heightened ease and confidence. Your trepidation will convert into electric excitement as you start experiencing wins. I will cheer you on and give you guidance. Your dreams will be coming true.

Soon you will come to the serene understanding that this flow you are experiencing is life itself. And, that you can easily achieve everything your heart desires by simply allowing it to flow through you.